Launched in 2012 by Heidi Eldridge, with the mission “To empower all maternity professionals and expectant parents on stillbirth prevention methods to help more babies arrive safely”. 


Mama Academy Wellbeing Wallets have proven to increase safety, therefore NHS Midwives will give them to 400,000 expectant parents at their first Midwife appointment in 2020.


Appropriate brand partners can help save even more lives, whilst marketing to parents through the NHS and a trusted charity partner. 

Mama Academy is a blank canvas for brands, the opportunity to not only stand out but forge a new creative path to reach expectant parents. All whilst increasing Wallet volumes which will save even more lives.

Brands can: 

Sample / Insert :  Pop small samples and helpful inserts within the Wallet x 400K over 2020,

Social Media: Reach 50K+followers or 

Website Sponsorship and content: 50K Uniques P/M

Digital Newsletters: With 50,000 members

Midwife conference, talks & event support, a  mailing list x 2,000+ or support our hospital & clinic posters & leaflets, fundraisers

The Incredible work of Mama Academy

Real impact

MAMA Lives - Babies Already saved

Of course, the majority of pregnancies fortunately only read the Wellbeing Wallets and do not need to take action on any of the carefully written (to be non -scary and easy to read) content. 

However, there are many parents whose babies, sanity and often own lives have been saved from the work Heidi is dedicated.

Media options

We hope that you are ready for the largest, earliest, most trusted prenatal coverage achievable… and to feel great saving lives. with myself & Heidi.