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Custard & Crumble

Custard & Crumble

Custard & Crumble


Gifting prenatal mothers to bolster brand awareness  sales and loyalty. 


Custard & Crumble

Custard & Crumble


Lead generation, data and digital media; directly linking your brand with the parenting market.

Mama Academy

Custard & Crumble

Mama Academy


A charity reaching 400,000 parents within the NHS to make pregnancy safer.

How I work

I (Sarah Wilkinson - Left of image) represent the media sales and development of 3 independently owned, run and managed media channels, with 727,300 prenatal access points for 2020 = 85% prenatal coverage. 


I work directly with the media channel owners, the fluid relationships and specialization of our roles ensure a professional, impartial and creative approach to match your objectives (feel free to share a brief!) to the most appropriate, hence effective media solutions. 

Meet The (fabulous) Team

(From Left to right) Sarah Wilkinson (me), Lyndsey Marshall (Mumandbabyonline) Heidi Eldridge (Mama Academy) & Rachel Bradbury (Custard & Crumble)


The benefits of this approach:

  • We can select small elements from one channel OR create a larger campaign to reach 85% of the prenatal audience.
  • Smart, efficient, modern business  models - built for the next generation.
  • As a group we can use Lead Generation, data, print advertising, sampling, inserts, social, HCP education, website presence, door drops, digital targeting and re-targeting. Unbiased media channel discussion and selection.
  • The channel owners have agreed to share information, so now  we can streamline your access to increased ROI.  


Why choose our partners?

All 3 media partners are amazing, open, trustworthy. All are continuously dedicated to improving their channels and campaign effectiveness.

We constantly share; updates, research and market research, to develop, adapt and ensure we offer the best to parents and in-turn to brands.

  • If you want lead generation or data access see: Mumandbabyonline
  • If you want Early, NHS, Mass Market access see : Mama Academy.
  • If you want to focus on ABC1C2 market: Custard & Crumble 


My Journey


Over my 18 years working within family targeted media, I have enjoyed working with over 400 incredible brands from MNCs to Start ups. Providing incredible access to the expectant and parenting market, using a mix of 20 media mechanics* to achieve a unique and refined response to brand marketing objectives.

The birth of Life Targeting:

Once Len started school I wanted enjoy the beauty of being a chauffeur**, hence my journey has led to ‘Life Targeting’ (T/A BrandChef Ltd), a hub for independent media sales within the prenatal market.


With passion, respect and insight into the nursery industry, my objective is to facilitate current and effective media mechanics to reach this ever-renewing target audience. 

Why is this life-stage fascinating?

The pregnancy and birth life stage has an incredible impact on consumer behaviour; changing routines, lifestyle and brand loyalty across categories from skincare, eating habits, health, relationships, entertainment, holidays, shopping habits, moving home to finances. 

This catalyst for this re-evaluation acts as a key point of market entry or change across categories - hence a strategic moment to create an impact with this audience. 

What we can achieve:

There are 657,000 births (UK) expected in 2020, Life Targeting provides access to over 85% of this audience, ensuring that we can systematically infiltrate powerful brand communications to this incredible, information hungry audience, who are actively seeking new products and brands.

The media avenues I work with enable us to touch lives in a direct, interactive and relevant manner - matching the appropriate approach for the type of brand / product where typically; media channel effectiveness differ for FMCG, high value, high end and data lead product sales.

Get in touch

Should you like a stimulating discussion on the market, or to investigate the sampling, inserts, print digital, social and data solutions feel free to give me a call or arrange a little time via the contact page.

Here’s to looking after mums of the next generation!

Sarah Wilkinson


*Mechanics include: Digital (content /PR or offer driven solutions; inventory, competitions, research, mass or pin point targeted media), social, data lead generation (email, postal, phone), data capture, healthcare professional detailing & sampling, consumer sampling & inserts, email solutions (solus and media integrated), across portfolio content strategy, product placement, direct mail and print (adverts, PR driven, competitions, tip-ons).

**Due to some parenting duties is best to catch me between 9.15am – 3.00pm – although I am highly dedicated so do work outside of these hours frequently should you enjoy working unusual hours too.