Launched by Rachel Bradbury in 2010 to fulfill a gap within the luxury nursery furniture market. 

Custard & Crumble (C&C) media has developed organically from the C&C brand gifting into The Portland, and later switching to a gift bag with brand partners for Harley Street Clinics. 

It then moved to earlier private scan distribution and has grown with the popularity of private scans & success of partner marketing programs.

Custard & Crumble Media Facts:

Custard & Crumble provides a Gift Bag (min. value of £8)

Reach 2020:     135,300 gift packs.

Coverage:          20% of the prenatal audience.

Distribution:    101 private scanning unit partners.

Timing:                 1st scan post 12 weeks (av. 19 weeks).

Profile:                 ABC1C2 skew.

Consumers:      100% prenatal mums, 

Also Present:   90% bring dad, 60% bring grandparents.

Age:                       Average 30 years old.

Life Stage:          Average 19 weeks (12-32 weeks).

Case Study: MAM Partners Since 2017


MAM has grown 23%-43% YOY since sampling and including content & advertising within ‘My Custard Journal’ (from Sept 2017).


Achieving the most vigorous brand growth in our market.

C&C impact: 

  1. 51% Increase in brand awareness (Base: 1,248. Feb 20) 
  2. 92% are likely to try their bottle sample (Base: 1,024. Feb 20)

To which MAM quotes:

‘’The sampling program we have with Custard & Crumble has played a huge part in our continued success...with our brand seeing the highest growth. The sampling strategy and audience we have is of such high quality and extremely targeted. We love working with such a great team” - From MAM UK

Over time MAM have also been able to look at long term customer loyalty:

“We are very confident that the sampling with C&C has had a direct impact on our success. We have carried out further research revealing that a high number of our loyal MAM users are those who first received a MAM sample while pregnant through our campaign with C&C’’. From MAM UK

How we achieve outstanding results:

  1. Following an exciting, positive prenatal experience this is the ONLY true gift pack .
  2. Gifted in a moment all about baby, leads to positive brand equity ‘brand love’.
    “After such an amazing experience, it just makes you feel so special receiving such a lovely present as well!”
  3. We ask for no data. Our lack of data may seem a draw-back, however in terms of efficacy of your actual sample – think again! Consumers are loving the ‘pay it forward’ attitude of a brand asking for nothing in return but experiencing their product. Our feedback shows it is achieving trust, trial, further direct and Halo brand purchases from this approach:
    “It seems high quality. We’re also interested in the 2-in-1 breast pump”
    “I will buy more MAM bottles as I like their self-sterilizing function”
  4. Our distribution ensures no duplication or wastage. This is a huge USP, and very important to us when we are trusted with your costly samples. 
  5. Timing: it is hugely important, not only to impact in a positive, trusted environment (private scanning clinic), but also before initial purchasing and research. Our research shows that by 27 weeks; 62% have started researching wipes & 45% have already started buying and for nappies its 66% and 46% respectively (Base: 519. Feb 20). Buggy research & purchases are even earlier. In essence, the earlier the sample is received, the less wastage, C&C timing on average 19 weeks (12-32 weeks) is a main ingredient of our incredible results.

Consumers Love their Custard

What our recipients say

Overall feedback: we continually ask recipients for feedback.  Using Survey Monkey, we check on satisfaction levels constantly, tweaking, adapting and working with our scanning unit partners to further develop our Gift Packs in line with our audience’s needs. 

Journal Comments Q1 2020

Why consumers love brands involvement:

My Custard Journal puts brands within parents personal Journey. Brands can sponsor relevant content or notes pages, to support and be part of the consumer journey.

Be Present. Be Helpful. Be Understood... Be Chosen.

We have a collection of research on print effectiveness, which we can share. With print more scarce than ever today, our own research reinforces why all our long-term print partners have been achieving brand growth.

Cream of Buggies

We ask what information parents want.  The most frequent request was for Buggy information and adverts.  We therefore created ;Cream of Buggies', a guide to choosing the best travel system for your needs. 

We are really proud of the only buggy Checklist, explaining all the various elements to look for when out shopping!

We will continue to evolve with Consumers, Brands and Clinic

Join the Journey.

 ‘’The sampling programme we have with Custard & Crumble has played a huge part in our continued success... with our brand seeing the highest growth. The sampling strategy and audience we have is of such high quality and extremely targeted. We love working with such a great team” - From MAM UK

We hope that you can join Rachel and I, to further the joy Custard & Crumble is bringing to parents-to-be, in turn growing your brand.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss the various options.