Launched by Lyndsey Marshall in 2010. Having worked in parenting data for 10 years, Lyndsey saw a new opportunity to recruit parents through digital targeting (PPC, SEO). 

Mumandbabyonline (MBOL) recruits up to 16,000 new parents into partner ‘clubs’ every month (192,000 per year), that is 30% of the UK market.   

Our MBOL team pride themselves not only with supplying extremely valuable, high quality data, focused on the prenatal audience, but also on forming trusted, long term, partner relationships to ensure mutual growth and development, to meet changing needs and market conditions.

With 10 years experience, daily tweaks to optimized lead generation, and underpinned by one of the largest most sophisticated syndicate of data companies in the UK.  MBOL offers the highest quality, cleanest, and most versatile parenting data solution on the market.

We are GDPR Compliant and devote much time and resource to ensure on-going rigid adhesion to regulatory bodies. 

Why choose us for your lead generation?

So early and accurate is our data, that one Digital Marketing Manager recently said “Are you hanging around hospitals to get this data?”. Nope – but that’s how great our data is!

  • 30% market access: up to 16,000 new records p/m - (8K-12K typically per brand partner p/m).
  • 60% join before T3 / 92% join before birth.
  •  Cost effective – we have perfected search and social targeting, ensuring a continuous stream of relevant, pro-active opted in Leads.
  •  You also save on internal resources, as the data drops in generated and cleaned.
  • 10 years' experience.
  • We tweak our SEO and PPC targeting daily to ensure consistently high-quality data, early prenatal reach, keeping efficiently in-line with our target market digital media usage.

With the ability to append; Age of mum, Due date, Address direct from each opt-in, we can add further permission based detail (over 350 variables)  with our wider data partnerships.

It is simple to Grow your own targeted, engaged database with us.

How it works


Simple: You add your logo to our home page. When a consumer lands on our home page and ticks your box, you OWN that data.


Some brands may need more introduction or desire phone numbers, in this instance we would use a detailed data fill page.


Some brands may simply want a call to action with sign up on their own landing page, in this instance we would use our Thank you Page.

Who will I reach?

MABO Profile

Brands will be seen by circa 1/3rd of the market.

And it gets even better....


Where is the data from?

Behind the scenes Mumandbabyonline  partners blend 6 of the UK’s leading marketing data files combining geodemographic, transactional and behavioural data to provide a rich source of consumer insight.  This Consumer Data provides a high definition single customer view of the adult UK population. All data has been multi-source verified, so you can be completely confident of its accuracy. It’s correctly permissioned and fully GDPR compliant. 

Cleaning & Optimizing your Data

We can use your consumer profile to more accurately target your most likely next customers through Mumandbabyonine - increasing your ROI, 

You profile can also improve the effectiveness of your customer marketing, you can enrich your data with key insights from over 350 variables that will help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers.  Use it to analyse and predict behaviour, increase retention, reduce churn, optimise the customer journey, improve customer experience, increase upselling/cross-selling initiatives… the list is endless.  


Wider Data Usage

Door Drops, Digital Targeting & Re-targeting

Once you have your profile, we can use this for Mumandbabyonline data targeting, but also have two further automated mechanics:

1. You can door drop : 

  • Different messages to selected segments of your most likely consumer base.  This can be done at selected parenting life stages (providing opt-in & message linked with Mumandbabyonline).

2. Targeting and re-targeting.  

  • Digitally targeting your preferred audience when searching your key terms. 
  • Re-Targeting those who have visited your site and not purchased, popped in their basket but not purchased.

Learn More

A profile  can be used not only with Mumandbabyonline data but for helping to understand your consumer and develop the most sophistacated, direct, personalized marketing campaign you can imagine.

Each consumer could embark on one of 130 different journeys depending upon their fit with your profile & reaction to your messaging. 

3 of our 6 Data Access

130 Retailer Partnerships

130 Retailer Partnerships

130 Retailer Partnerships


Refreshing monthly, to ensure continuously fresh, clean data is utilised for optimal performance.

Property File

130 Retailer Partnerships

130 Retailer Partnerships


Contains no personal inforamtion  but is the richest, most accurate and comprehensive view of UK properties & is GDPR compliant for postal marketing.

Home Movers

130 Retailer Partnerships

Home Movers


Home Mover feeds from various sources, that cover approx. 92% of all Movers in the UK (pre move (PII), post move (dear Occupier), new homes, exchange dates).

Smart Data Marketing

The above is a combination of 6 databases, 8+ companies, all streamlined and working together to achieve the best possible out comes for your sales, with the least effort on your part.